Thursday, December 24, 2009

What's new in saru

So to support some of our testing infrastructure I've added some features to saru. The ones of note are:

Support for skipped tests. These are tests that don't run for whatever reason. In our case it was some tests that aren't fully implemented, that we didn't want showing up as fails. Skipped tests now show up in their own count, and tests can have sub tests that are skipped.

Logging of test history into a sqlite database. Now all test results and test output is stored into a sqlite database. We use this to create pass/fail charts for the tests. This has been invaluable in tracking down regressions and intermittent failures.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merging Git Repositories

There's a bunch of ways of merging git repositories. Here's the one that I find easiest. Say I've developed some test features in directory/repository A that I want to start to use in directory/repository B

First I package everything into a temporary directory inside A in preparation for moving

cd /path/to/A     
mkdir A_merge     
git mv * A_merge     
git mv .gitignore A_merge/.gitignore
git commit -m"Preparation for merging A into B"

Then I create a branch in B for merging into
cd /path/to/B
git checkout -b merge_A_into_B
Next get the stuff from A's master branch and merge with the current branch.
git fetch file:///path/to/A 'refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/A/*'
git merge A/master
All the stuff that you need should now be in /path/to/B/A_merge.
Move this directory and its contents to whereever you want and commit.