Friday, March 2, 2012

Installing node.js on OS X 10.5

The binary distributions of node.js no longer work on 10.5 (at least no distribution I could find.). So I went about building my own from source. There's several pitfalls I had to overcome, so I figured I'd list the solutions here.

Step 1. Download the source. I did this using:

git clone git://
git checkout origin/v0.6.11-release

Step 2. Patch the included v8 source. If you dont patch it you get an error about missing symbols for Dictionary::SlowReverseLookup, although they may be mangled, so it's not to obvious.

diff --git a/deps/v8/src/ b/deps/v8/src/
index 88ebbf4..c4aea1c 100644
--- a/deps/v8/src/
+++ b/deps/v8/src/
@@ -10012,6 +10012,9 @@ template Object* Dictionary::
 template Object* Dictionary::SlowReverseLookup(
+template Object* Dictionary::SlowReverseLookup(
+    Object*);
 template void Dictionary::CopyKeysTo(

Step 3. Download a new version of openssl and build and install shared versions. I downloaded version 0.9.8t and built it using:

./config shared
make install
On OS X by default this installs to /usr/local/ssl If you try to use the default version of openssl then you get a bunch of errors:
../src/ In member function ‘bool node::crypto::DiffieHellman::Init(int)’: 
../src/ error: ‘DH_generate_parameters_ex’ was not declared in this scope 
../src/ In static member function ‘static v8::Handle node::crypto::DiffieHellman::ComputeSecret(const v8::Arguments&)’: 
../src/ error: ‘DH_check_pub_key’ was not declared in this scope 
../src/ error: ‘DH_CHECK_PUBKEY_TOO_SMALL’ was not declared in this scope 
../src/ error: ‘DH_CHECK_PUBKEY_TOO_LARGE’ was not declared in this scope 
If you forget to build a shared version then node will almost compile, but complain about missing symbols at link time for the final binary.

Step 4. Build node using the changes you've made:

./configure --openssl-includes=/usr/local/ssl/include/ --openssl-libpath=/usr/local/ssl/lib/
make install

Now hopefully you'll have a running version of node installed.

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